nice kiosk editWow! I thought I would be busy, but I didn’t expect to be as popular my new business (LifeGoalCharms.com) was this Christmas season! I am EXHAUSTED! Happy but exhausted!! I have now worked 86 – 90.5 hours a week for just over 2 months STRAIGHT! My only “day off” was Christmas day. Which really wasn’t a break because I was too busy visiting with my family and plus I had to drive a long distance.

demo letter 1Today is my last day at my mall kiosk. And I am ready to rest. I haven’t spent time with my husband and I miss him. And I miss my dog Scotty. And I miss our routine. And I miss cooking and eating real meals not always on-the-go. I have made a lot of good leads in the last 8 weeks so I am also looking forward to following up with them as well.

My new business’s website is still under construction because I just literally haven’t had a moment to create it. I have a good template started but I have over 300 charms alone for baby necklace super cropthe build-your-own section to photograph, input and upload.  Them I have over 200 pre-made pieces as well plus all the other bits and pieces. Not to mention the content! So I will be busy working away on that and I am hooooping it will be up and functional mid-January.

(PS – You can sign up HERE to be notified when it is up)

Now I need to get back to work! Its my last day at my kiosk and I plan to make it count!

wedding bracelet

~with love, ChelseyP

About Chelsey Pear

Chelsey Pear Charm Jewelry Co. Founder & Designer www.ChelseyPear.com
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