Ankle Surgery – A Success! (Warning: Graphic Images)

broken ankle

broken ankleWhew! It’s done! Surgery was yesterday and it went well. I was worried about having a reaction to the anesthetic and get sick as I usually do. Ironically, I didn’t have a bad reaction to the anesthetic as expected, none at all actually, but I the morphine afterwards hit me really hard. I felt like I had a serious flu and  I was throwing up every 45 minutes and in and out of a fitful sleep. It was awful. But now, at just over 24 hours since waking up from surgery, I am feeling much, much better.

I had my screws and plate removed from my ankle from a broken ankleserious double fracture earlier this year (and it happened just 4 months before my wedding!).  Some of the screws were sticking out and were giving me daily pain and often swelling. I am very happy to have them out. I will be on crutches for a while, but that’s ok. Its like a forced arm toning workout!

Now I just have to get through one last recovery and I am in the clear. Its is very painful, but if I compare it to the pain of the initial break, it doesn’t compare. Its not as bad as that. I can deal with this. I can get through this. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is a bright one.

Looking forward to 2014 being a year of fitness, bike races and obstacle course marathons. 🙂 Life is good.

~with love, Chelsey P

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4 Responses to Ankle Surgery – A Success! (Warning: Graphic Images)

  1. I had such a similar injury! It’s been almost 10 months since my initial fall, and I’m scheduled to get 1 of 2 plates out and about 9 screws on Dec. 13. What is the recovery like, and how are you doing? (be honest!)

    • chelseyp says:

      Hi !

      Sorry it has taken me so long to respond! I just started a business and I am working 86-90.5 hours a week.
      So the recovery – actually amazingly easy. My doctor gave me 4-6 weeks before I would be back walking and I was A-OK to walk and drive without pain in 3 weeks!!
      Granted, I attribute my speedy recovery from the plate removal and also being able to walk down the aisle at my wedding only 4 months after a severe break to my healthy lifestyle. I don’t smoke, although I do drink. I don’t eat anything from a box or can and I make every meal I eat from scratch (including bread). I went to physio religiously and did it on my own every single day without fail. I am now about 1 month and a half from my plate and screw removal and its not even that swollen! The first day or so you will get shooting pains, maybe even for a few weeks after. But they go away, for me anyway, as fast as they came on. Just remember that your body is one big chemical reaction and it will either react well or poorly depending on what you do with it and most importantly, what you put into it. Good luck! Let me know how it goes and how you feel afterward, I am interested to know!


  2. Katie Bowden says:

    Hey Chelsea! I was just reading about your ankle. I would love to speak with you! I have an ankle fracture and I’m
    In 6 weeks after my surgery. I have 20 screws and 3 plates.
    It’s been hard! I’m very active in running, and gymnastics!
    Please email me! I have just a few questions!! 🙂

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