Ankle Surgery Again Today

broken ankleHere I go again! I go in for my 2nd and last ankle surgery today. In February of this year, 4 months before my wedding, I suffered a double unstable fracture, misaligned joint and a torn ligament. I had messed up my ankle pretty darn severely and needed emergency surgery with 7 screws and a long plate. Since the injury, I feel like I have gotten about 80-85% of my ankle back, but the 4 of the screws constantly stick out and give me a LOT of constant pain. Today I get to have them removed along with the plate! I am going to ask to keep them…creepy or neat??

I think its funny when I tell people my injury and their faces twist and they exclaim broken ankleHow did you do that?? expecting some awesome crazy story.  I fell. Yup. Right on my own driveway. Walking to my car. On some ice. That’s it. For some reason, one of the downspouts at the front of our house empties directly onto the driveway! WTF WHY So in a thaw-and-freeze winter, you can imagine the slick ice patch it creates.

I was just walking across my driveway on my way to work (wearing non-winter shoes though) and I stepped on some slick ice that was hidden by a thin layer of snow. My ankle bent outwards and I ended up sitting on it as well. I guess just  to make sure it was good and broken! I will write about my whole endeavour soon since after my surgery today I won’t be walking and will have a lot of time on my hands.

This is what happened when I was board ( and on pain meds) to my dog Scotty. Like I said, I had a lot of time on my hands……broken ankle

Wish me luck! 😉

~ with love, ChelseyP

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5 Responses to Ankle Surgery Again Today

  1. Marg says:

    Hope the surgery goes without a hitch and speedy recovery Chels !!!

    • chelseyp says:

      Thanks Mom! haha 🙂

      • Katie Bowden says:

        Hey Chelsea. My cell is 256-591-7835. Would absolutely LOVE to talk to you. While I’m sitting on my couch with absolutely NOTHING to do!
        5 week after ankle surgery!
        No weight for 3 months! Ohhh the questions I would love to ask you! 🙂

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  3. Katie Bowden says:

    Email me Chelsea! 🙂

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