Sunday Funday! ~ wintering the pond fish

diy fish pondThe temperature has dropped and it was time to decide what to do with my pond fish over winter. I basically had 2 choices – let them die or not. Obviously, I chose to not let them die. I don’t believe that life, in any shape or form, is disposable. If I am not going to use it for food, I have no reason to kill it. I don’t even harm flies.

Anyway, so my fish had dwindled down to 8 fish out of the original 14 I bought. They were feeder goldfish so I actually ended up with more than I expected. I couldn’t leave them outside in my homemade cattle trough pond because it is above ground and will therefore freeze solid and kill them all. So I got an aquarium kit on sale for $60 and they now have a new home! They’ve gotten so big too! They have more than doubled in size from when I first bought them. It is really relaxing to sit and watch them. Love it!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!!

Have a great & safe one – don’t drink and drive! 🙂

~ with love, ChelseyP

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Chelsey Pear Charm Jewelry Co. Founder & Designer
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