The Missing Piece of My Peace

campingMy husband said something that struck a cord with me on our recent camping trip. We were sitting around the campfire under the stars, enjoying a bevy.  I said something like how we should do this more than once a year (getting away for a vacation). He shrugged and simply replied “Naw. I don’t need more vacations. I don’t have anything to escape from. I like my life.”


I wasn’t sure how to feel about this comment. I felt disappointed that he doesn’t share my urge for adventure and vacations but also pretty damn glad and happy for him that he is happy with his life, with our life. Then I actually felt a little jealous! Why do I feel the need to escape? To take a break form my life? Instead of planning more vacations for my husband and I, why don’t I work on my own life so a vacation is a nice punctuation on life, not an escape from it.

I can’t say I am 100% happy with my life yet. I  feel like there is something missing…..but for the last couple years, I have yet to put my finger on it yet. I feel my life is almost complete. So close I can taste it but there is something else I am yearning for. I have been struggling to find out what that is. To find, as Oprah says, my life’s purpose. We will see.

Has anyone ever felt like that? What completed you?

Does anyone currently feel the way I do?

~with love, ChelseyP

About Chelsey Pear

Chelsey Pear Charm Jewelry Co. Founder & Designer
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