Wedding & Anniversary Time Capsule DIY

IMG_3235Even before I was engaged, I was already pinning away on my wedding boards on Pinterest. Admit it! Every girl waiting for her man to pop the questions takes a little sneak peek at a wedding website or mag.

One thing I found were a few pins about doing some sort of time capsule! And me being me, I decided to make it myself and make it better.

I went digging in my inlaws barn (just FULL of awesome real vintage stuff, a lot of it we used at our wedding) and I found an antique vine jug with a nicely patinaed top.

I glass etched “Happy 10th Anniversary” along with our 10th anniversary date “June 22 2023”. We had our guests write a message on a thick opaque piece of paper (so we couldn’t peek at the message), roll it up and add it to the jug. It will be an emotional read if we get to read a special message from family members that may not be around in 10 years. Also, I can’t wait to see the jokes that were 10 years in the making! Our guests loved it!

To kick up the adorable factor up a notch, my husband and I wrote a message to each other and will continue to write a new message with each anniversary leading up to our 10th. It is going to be such a wonderful tradition to pass onto our future children and to have for ourselves to reflect on.

We put it on our bar in our dining room so we can see it everyday. 🙂

How To Glass Etch Tutorial here!

   diy time capsule

diy time capsule

diy time capsulediy time capsule~with love, ChelseyP

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