Meet Pugsley

IMG_1723This is Pugsley, my parent’s 6 year old bure bred black pug. My fur brother. He also goes by the aliases of Puugz, Fugley, Pugger and hey stupidface. That last one is what I call him because I think it is funny. Don’t get all worked up about it – he’s a dog. He doesn’t know what I’m saying! I say it with a tone that he thinks he did something good anyway and it makes me laugh. 🙂

IMG_2464Pugsley is the luckiest dog around (besides my dog Scotty) with regards to having a sad history but a fortunate series of events that led him here. He used to belong to friends of my ex boyfriend. We will call them U & A. U & A got him from A’s sister who originally bought the dog and then decided she didn’t like pugs. She gave Pugsley to U & A who, being low-lifed people, treated him very poorly. Pugsley suffers from major skin issues that are common for pure bred pugs. They did nothing about it and would scold him for being in distress. If you have ever seen a pug, it is very apparent and obvious that they have short or no snout and therefore have a short palette and a difficult time breathing. Being dirtbags, U & A had him on a choke chain that they kept on him at all times. So their logic was to train a dog who can’t breath to shut up and stop snorting was to restrict his breathing even more. And because of having a too tight choke chain on day and night, Pugsley had a raw skinned no hair ring around his neck from the irritation. It looked painful.

Since U & A didn’t much care for Pugsley anyway, they would often leave him at my ex’s and I’s house to babysit. I took him over to my parent’s house one day and they FELL IT LOVE WITH HIM AT FIRST SIGHT. They made an offer on him to U & A and they took it (because they didn’t care about him at all and would rather have money) but with one IMG_1722condition. Pugsley wasn’t fixed. They wanted to borrow him to try to breed him with their neighbours dog (to sell the puppies and get more money). My parent’s were really nervous about this because they were scared that U & A would change their mind and keep Pugsley to try to use him as a cash cow.

It all worked out thought. Pugsley didn’t breed so these people didn’t get more cash cows and my parent’s got ownership of him free and clear. They take excellent, excellent care of him. He get’s special organic fresh food, special oatmeal baths for his skin condition, allergy medication to help him and most of all – people who genuinely LOVE him with all their hearts. ♥

~with love, ChelseyP

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Chelsey Pear Charm Jewelry Co. Founder & Designer
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One Response to Meet Pugsley

  1. Marg says:

    And we do love him to pieces ! We couldn’t imagine our lives without him. Now that our daughters have grown up and have lives of their own…we needed someone with smother with love…and we do ❤

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