Fantastic Laundry Room Reno all DONE for $350 – see Before & After

We now have redone 1 complete room thus far as a newlywed couple.  And with zero bickering! We have touches here and there around the house but the laundry room was the first space that we tackled completely. Here are our before and afters and what we spent –


laundry room before and after laundry room before and after

We painted the entire room a nice light and fresh colour. We wanted to use what we already had so we kept the wire shelf. The shelf is a great spot to store tall items that won’t fit in the cabinet. We use it to store our paper towels. We got a white basket and filled it with other loose, tall items to keep them organized and out of sight. The cabinet is new. We looked at getting a small cabinet second hand but the cabinets we found were all around about $80 and we would still have to spend time and money to paint them. So we estimated it was better to just buy a brand new one already assembled for $150 than to spend around $110 for a used one that would require a lot of work.

Wall paint – $48 (Home Depot)
Cabinet – $148 (Home Depot)
White basket – $free, I had received it at a bridal shower as a gift

laundry room before and after laundry room before and after

We removed the curtain door and patched up the holes from the curtain rod. We decided we didn’t need to put the door on the laundry room since we have it all clean and organized, there is no reason to hide it! Also, having a door framed and built would be a big hassle and expensive. We didn’t need it. We put the wardrobe in an upstairs bedroom as it didn’t need to be in the laundry room anyway. We received a new vacuum as a wedding gift (it’s fantastic!) so the old bulky Filter Queen vacuum is gone. The new vacuum is compact enough that we can store it a closet upstairs.

Plaster for rod holes – $free, we used leftovers we had around the house

laundry room before and after laundry room before and after

Since we moved the wardrobe and got rid of the old bulky vacuum, this cleared up a lot of floor space. I divide my laundry into 6 groups – warm dark, warm light, cold dark, cold light, socks/undies/towels and wash separate items/items that require special washing. We waited for a sale and purchased 6 laundry sorting bins. It was just a lucky coincidence that they happen to fit perfectly against the wall when we moved the freezer! Sooooooo happy that we don’t have to sort clothes into piles o the floor anymore!!

Laundry room hampers – $20 each x 6hampers = $120, (Canadian Tire)

laundry room before and after laundry room before and after

I have a Cricut Mini (paper cutting machine) and I used it to cut white vinyl as laundry basket labels. These are like stickers so they don’t damage the paint. I maybe should have used a brown vinyl so they labels were more visible, but my husband thinks the white is nice because it is subtle but still does the job. The labels are “Warm Darks”, “Warm Lights”, “Cold Darks”, “Cold Lights”, “Socks Undies Towels” and  “Wash Separately”.

Cricut vinyl – $10 (Wal-Mart)

laundry room before and after laundry room before and after

The blank unused wall is now the perfect spot to hang clothes to dry or to hang clothes up right out of the dryer so they don’t wrinkle and are ready to be put away.

Clothing rack – $free, it was already in the room before

laundry room before and after laundry room before and after

The window trim before was painted the same colour as the wall. The blinds were a rolled bamboo. We wanted to keep the blinds because we still need to cover the window when we go away on vacation etc, but we didn’t like the looks of it. We painted the window trim white to match the trim using left over white paint we had around and I made a decorative curtain to cover the bamboo blinds.

White paint for trim – $free, used leftover paint
Bamboo blinds – $free, they were in the room previously
Decorative window treatment – $12 for fabric and ribbon (Wal-Mart)

laundry room before and after laundry room before and after

We removed the giant fan that was so low, it was only a few inches from the top of my husband’s head. We have air conditioning and we were never in the laundry room long enough to justify having a huge fan overhead. So we took that down and donated it to Habitat for Humanity (because it still works fine). I was thinking about putting in a small chandelier like the ones I have seen in so many Pinterest laundry rooms, but we aren’t really laundry-room-chandelier people. So I picked out this nice flush mount ceiling light that is much more proportionate to the size and function of the room.

Small flush mount light – $13 (Home Depot)

laundry room before and after

“Did she get my good side?”

You may have noticed our new artwork. As a wedding gift, my cousin, who is a very talented artist, painted us a painting of our dog, Scotty! We love it!!

So that is our wonderful laundry room reno in a nutshell! We love our new super functional and simplified laundry room! If you would like to see the original laundry room inspiration post, see it here.

Our total cost to redo our laundry room was about $351. Not bad! The trick is to use what you already have and use things from elsewhere in the house.

What do you think about our laundry room?

What does your look like – more like the before or the after?

What is your sorting system?

~with love, Chelsey P

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10 Responses to Fantastic Laundry Room Reno all DONE for $350 – see Before & After

  1. Marg Hunter says:

    Looks very organized and tidy !!! Excellent job Chelsey P. !

  2. Jo says:

    What sorting system? Throw your dirty clothes on the laundry room floor on your way to take a shower. This should change. Anyway your room is nice and neat and pleasant. Good job at a great price. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • chelseyp says:

      Haha Yes, that was the original “system”. Now that we actually have a real sorting system, I find it makes the dull job of laundry much easier and it goes faster. Thanks for your comment Jo!

  3. A very nice laundry room indeed … and really lovely new colors too! In fact, I’m trying not to have laundry room envy at the moment. Your space looks incredible, or at least it appears to much more spacious than my little laundry closet. My laundry room isn’t nearly as neat and tidy as yours, but it isn’t a cluttered mess either, though I’m guessing that is mostly because I spend so much time in there washing clothes for 7 people! Ha! And as for a system: I just go with whoever needs clothes washed the most. Actually, the children help me by generally washing their clothes when I remind them and with regularly scheduled afternoon folding parties in the living room. It’s a family chore around here, and I’m often reminded of how grateful I am to have a family to do laundry for and with each day! 🙂

  4. Your new laundry room is really very nice … and lovely colors, too. Your space is terrific and extremely well-organized now, especially when compared to my little laundry closet. In fact, at this very moment I’m trying very hard not to have laundry room envy! My laundry room isn’t a terrible disaster, but it isn’t especially pretty and organized either. It can’t get too out of control because with a family of 7, it sees plenty of action every single day. As for a system: we just wash whatever needs washing the most next. I’ve tried doing towels on Monday and bedsheets on Tuesday, etc … and it just doesn’t work for us. However, my kids are GREAT at helping with laundry. They can all start a load, switch loads from washer to dryer, and every afternoon they all come to my gigantic folding party in the living room! 🙂 I’m just thankful to have a houseful of people that I love and am blessed to do laundry for (and with) each day. Blessings to you, Chelsey!

    • chelseyp says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Paige! Wow, 7 people! Our laundry is just 2.5 – my husband and I and occasionally dog blankets! LOL Yes, our laundry room is spacious, but a little toooooo spacious. I feel there is a lot of wasted space. This room was originally (2 owners ago) someone’s tiny bedroom when the laundry was in the basement. I am glad the owner before us had the laundry moved up to the main floor, but I wish they would have made the room smaller and the adjacent bathroom bigger (you can pee and wash your hands at the same time!). Oh well! You gotta work with what you got, right? 🙂

  5. Maria says:

    Hi Chelsey! Love your new and Improved laundry room! I especially like the new color scheme.

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