Get a Spotless Kitchen In 20 MINUTES (Or Less!)




how to clean your kitchen

I NEVER leave my kitchen in a mess…….well ok, I seldom do. But when I slack, I SLACK. I had so much on my to-do list today but I just couldn’t bear to leave my kitchen like this one more day (it had already been 3!). I have a pretty good routine down that I have developed over the years. I cook from scratch everyday so I have had a lot of practice! It usually takes me 15-20 minutes to get my kitchen cleaned from top to bottom. Today I took notes as I went to share with you my patented hurry-up-and-clean-the-kitchen-so-I-can-go-do-fun-stuff routine. Time yourself and let me know how you did!

This is my disaster of a kitchen beforehand. I am so embarrassed to post this but to show you how I got to the ‘after’, you need to see the ‘before’. This is about 3 days worth of “I’ll do it laterrrrrrr”



Ok, don’t panic! It you try to do a little bit of everything at once, it will take forever and you will become overwhelmed. Here is the best step-by-step plan of attack. Don’t get distracted. Just focus at the task at hand and here’s how you can do it in 20 minutes flat.

1. Empty the clean dishes out of the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is empty already, skip to #2.  – 3 MINUTES

how to clean your kitchen

2. Put dirty dishes into dishwasher & throw out/recycle bits of packages/saran wrap/tea bags etc. as you move around the kitchen. Don’t bother to pre-rinse your dishes. Spend the extra .50cents and get a good dishwasher detergent. – 1 MINUTE

1 minute + help from a self-appointed "pre-rinser"

Scotty doesn’t understand why I don’t need to pre-rinse

3. Fill sink with hot soapy water. While the sink is filling, don’t stand there and stare at it. Take this time to put away things that were left out from cooking like spices, kettle, salt, flour etc. Once sink is full, fill with all the dishes you are going to wash and let soak.  – 4 MINUTES

4 minutes

4. Put away clean dishes that are dry from the last time you did dishes. I never towel dry stuff because its sooooo much easier to let them air dry so I always have clean dishes in m drying sink. I have a 2 sink system – wash in one, dry in the other.  – 1 MINUTE

5. Now you wash the dishes. You can towel dry and put away or you can leave them out to air dry in your drying sink or drying rack. I dried mine this time and put them away.  – 8 MINUTES

6.  Empty dirty water in sink and refill just a tad with hot soapy water to wipe down the counters and stove. I had my bachelorette party over a month ago and I still am finding these little confetti decorations all over the house!  – 3 MINTUES

tee hee

Nope, that’s not an arrow…..

Total Time 20 MINTUES! OR LESS

Here is your wonderful sparkling kitchen! Now you have time to go work on that DIY project you saw on Pinterest. 😉

how to clean your kitchen

That’s more like it!

Time yourself! Let me know how you did!

~with love, Chelsey P

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5 Responses to Get a Spotless Kitchen In 20 MINUTES (Or Less!)

  1. Marg Hunter says:

    I use the “clockwise” method for cleaning the kitchen, start at the farthest end (your case you would work from the right of the sink)and work around the kitchen, gathering up dishes to either wash by hande or to put in the dishwasher, putting away until the counter(s) and stove are clear. After you fill the sink with your washing water, follow the same direction and wipe everything down. Wash/dry the dishes and voila !!! A clean kitchen.

  2. chelseyp says:

    That is the opposite of my method! I find if you try to do a bunch of little things at once, it takes sooooo much longer! I find my method is logical and it tackles one messy section at a time. It is also encouraging as you go because you see improvement as you go, rather than just at the end. 20 minutes or less is best for me! 🙂

  3. sandratidytime says:

    HAHAH! “Nope, that’s not an arrow!” All hail! Loved this post but I was also diggin’ the laundry room do-over! Great work in there, it’s totally functional and fresh looking. Plus-the dog gets props 😉

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