Say Yes to the dress!! Maybe… – wedding planning progress

October 3 2012

DRESS: check!


I HAVE MY DRESS!!!!!! Hallelujah!!! The clouds opened up and the angels sang!!!! And here’s the kicker – it wasn’t any of the 3 dresses I was torn between! (Yeah, THREE dresses. After being torn between 2 dresses, I went out and found another I thought I was in love with) Turned out, the one I actually bought was the complete opposite of what I thought I wanted. I’ve been told several times, by the bridal consultants at the salons, that 60% of the time a bride will end up with something completely different from what she came in looking for. Which I guess makes sense because you fall in love with a style based on how it looks in magizines. The style I ended up with, I would have never picked out of a magizine due to the models stupid bent-over-sad/confused-faces-couture-posing. But I LOVE my dress and I can’t wait for my fiance to see me in it (tearing up heehee). So theres THAT.

Also, we got a limo bus! Yay! For Emily: *deep voice chanting* LIM-O! LIM-O! LIM-O! LIM-O!

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