I bought the wrong dress – wedding planning progress

October 12 2012

DRESS: un-check, then re-check


Oct 9th, I called and cancelled my dress.

After thinking really hard about it, I decided I felt sad that I went with the opposite silhouette and wouldn’t get the certain wedding pictures that I’d always dreamed of. And when showing my fiance similar dresses with the 2 different silhouettes, he chose the one I had always wanted but didn’t choose. When I would daydream about my wedding day morning, opening up the garment bag, I would automatically imagine the 1st dress I had choosen and then had to remind myself that I didn’t buy that dress. That really made me realize that I had made a mistake. I called the dress salon and had them call the manufacturing company and cancel it. I then just moved my deposit over and ordered my original pick. Now I understand why they say you should only try on 4-7 dresses! I think this dress was the 3rd at the first real salon we went to. Since then, every dress I have tried on, I would compare it to that dress in my mind. When I tried it on, I could hear angels sing and I felt like one myself. THAT is my wedding dress that I will be proud to wear to marry the love of my life. I feel like it is me and I can’t WAIT to see the zipper slide down on the garment bag on June 22 2013 and see that dress and know I get to wear that. Now I know that “I have my dress” feeling that people talk about. I have that. 🙂

Side note about transportation – the company we were going to choose turned out to not be as great as we initially thought. So we still need to book a limo bus from somewhere.

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