Invitations & Buck n’ Doe – wedding planning progress

EDITApril 1 2013

Yeeeaahhhh……..everything I said in my previous post did not get done. March was a tough month for me. This wedding planning, plus other stressers with work and my limited capibilities and discomfort with my injury, were really getting to me. I was second-guessing myself and changing my mind on a things, wedding-wise.

Change of topic – invitations! Everything is printed, cut and assembled (don’t want to even think of how many hours I’ve spent doing this!) and all the remains for the invites are the RSVP insert card. I wasn’t able to print it yet because we were still deciding on our menu. We had a tasting at the country club on March 25 and got to try 6 different entrees and 2 different appys. I am so glad we did that tasting! A couple of our runner-up choices actually turned out to be much tastier than the choice we were originally going to go with. A little more expensive (we’ve heard ourselves say too many times, “what’s another few hundred dollars?”) but we think it will take our meal from really good to spectacular.  Anyway, now that we have the meal choices done, I will be able to type, print, cut and add that card into the invitations. After that I have to type and print the address labels, add them to the envelopes and then the fun part – sealing the envelopes with real wax and a custom “P” seal! I am very excited to do that. I think its a nice touch. And besides, at what other time will I get to use a wax seal?! I think they are so cool!!

Today I get to call to make my first physio appointment for my ankle. I got my pink cast off 4 days ago  (March 28) and I have an aircast. Eventually I will be able to start walking in this cast and not too long after that, hopefully, I will be able to take my first steps unassisted! Learning to walk all over again should be interesting. I have been told you should get someone to watch you walk to tell you if you are walking funny so you don’t make that into your permanent walk! Hahaha

BUCK N DOE!!!  – Our buck n dow was AWESOME!!!!! We are soooooo happy that our bridal party did that for us. It was a great party!! I am really glad we got to have one. It ment even more to us with regards to wedding costs since I have been off work since mid-Feb and disibility isn’t cutting it. I am probably taking in about half or less of what I would be taking home if I was working. So the extra money from the buck n doe will help a lot. We really were just hoping to breakeven. It was just so awesome to have a party and I got to meet a lot of my fiance’s family that I hadn’t met previously. We are so lucky to have such great parents and a fantastic wedding party!!!! So grateful!!

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