In Love with 2 Dresses! Help! – Wedding Planning Progress

September 19 2012

I am in love with two dresses. Crap. How do you decide? I love them both for completely different reasons and they each give me a completely different emotion. One makes me light up and feel happy and comfortable. The other has made me cry – twice! Ok, most people would say the one that made me cry is my dress. But I think it makes me cry becasue I do feel like an angel in it, but I think it is becasue is is soooooo close to what I am looking for. But I just can’t commit to it because there are little things about it that makes is just not 100% perfect. I want my dress to be 100% perfection and have every single thing that I want. Is it too much to expect? Maybe. But I have to look. I know exactly what I want and unfortunatly, I haven’t found it yet. I do have some possible options that I HAVE to try on before I commit to any dress or I will forever be wondering “what if”. You never know how it will actually look on you unless you try. You can’t tell from the posed-model-photoshop-perfect-lighting-pictures. I finally have a lead on this one dress that has been sooooo impossible to find. It is a rare collection and it is a top candiate. I just hope I can find something soon because as of today, I am 9 months 3 days to go. I have to leave time for alterations as well as some of these dresses can take 6-8 months to order. No pressure or anything! I have a plan B though: all else fails, I’ll throw some rhinestones on a bedsheet and make myself a wedding toga!

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