Groomsmen Selection – wedding planning progress

January 1 2013

GROOMSMEN: 3/4 down

Happy New Year! Sooooo wow – December was a wash for wedding planning progress. I was asked a lot during the holidays by friends and family how the wedding progress is going and I didn’t have a good answer. I did not make a single call, email or inquiry to any vendor whatsoever or even look at my wedding boards on pinterest. Just couldn’t do it! I had so much paperwork at work to catch up on and then of course there was Christmas to do. Also, my fiance went away up North to work at a native reserve, Big Trout Lake. He was gone for 15 days. I missed him so much, it was really tough to only get to talk to him for a few minutes a day. Then as soon as he gont home, he went right into a 5 day shift so it was like we didn’t get to spend any time together until Christmas. So now that the holidays are officially over, this is the first day we can just bum around and relax. And today was is offically my first day back into my wedding planning mindset.


My fiance has made some progress recently though. He has finally decided to reveal his groomsmen!! 3 groomsmen down, just the Best Man to go! Which he will be revealing shortly. Yay!

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