DIYs & Accessories – wedding planning progress

November 21 2012


RIBBON: check!

TRANSPORTATION: in the works

Oh goodness. Making silly mistakes due to an overwhelmed brain are getting old. I had ordered personalized cocktail napkins and personalized ribbon with our names & wedding date on them. The napkins were fine but the 2 spools of ribbon had 2012 on them. Now, when someone was typing this into their compluter to print, wouldn’t you think they would double-check to see why someone would want to buy ribbon with a date that has already pasted? I guess not. Even worse, I didn’t spot the mistake on the confirmation that one spool was ordered with 2012 and the other was 2013. So they agreed to only replace the 1 spool but not the other. It was a small loss.

What wasn’t such a small loss was ordering my custom printed paper in the wrong gold colour. I ordered a sample in cream paper with gold ink. When I went to make the large order for the custom paper (to make my invitations, programs, menus, place cards etc etc), my brain must have been on the honeymoon already because I ordered gold FOIL instead of gold ink. So I was waiting for my order, soooooo excited, because DIYing all the wedding paper items is my most looked-forward-to part of the wedding. I finally got my package and ripped it open like a kid on Christmas morning and…………wrong colour. The patterned paper doesn’t match the metallic paper (which I was going to use together). Crap. What to do? I mulled it over, how could I roll with this or work with this or get over this. In the end, I just had to order the right colour. This may sound a little silly with it being just paper but I have a secret obsession with nice paper. The gold colour of the paper was an intrigual part of my colour sceheme and it would allow me to have everything match to bring it all together. So I sucked it up and ordered the paper, again. The right colour this time. At least the company took pity on me and gave me a pretty good discount. Now I wait again for my kid on Christmas morning moment when the RIGHT paper arrives.

I have delagated the transportation to my fiance. We have decided that we really don’t need a huge limo bus. We won’t be riding in it for more than 10 minutes. And our guests won’t be in it for more than 10 minutes either (we are working out a way to shuttle our out-of-town guests to and from the hotel to avoid cabs). Sooooooooooo my fiance had a great idea – get a small school bus! It will hold more people at once and it will be kinda funny. Not to mention save us some money to put towards a fantastic meal or the bar. I don’t think our guests will mind riding in a mini bus as long as we don’t cut on the bar or food! Haha

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