Coping with a serious injury 4 months before my wedding – wedding planning progress


my ankle plate & pins

my ankle plate & pins

March 4 2013

Ok. Time to get back on track. It’s been 3 weeks since my freak accident.

OH! Update on that. – I was misinformed about my injury originally. It was actually the cast putter-onner (don’t know their title, nurse specializing in cast placement maybe?) who had shown me the xray of my ankle and said it had looked like the two breaks were on either side of the ankle. What I found out later when I saw the new xray of my plate and screws, if that I actually had torn the legiment on the inside side and broke my outer side bone in 2 places. Hence why it was called an unstable fracture – there was a loose piece floating around! Gross and insanly painful.

But the worst is behind me now. I had my surgery and it went well I’m told. Got my temp cast off and staples pulled out and they said it looks good, no infection, healing well. My leg was so tiny though! This was only 2 weeks from the date of the fall but it looked like a 12 year old boys skinny little leg!! (A boy’s leg because I hadn’t been able to shave hahaha). Its shocking how just 2 weeks on no movement can make your body dissolve all your muscle so quickly. Physic is gonna be hard. I will be starting that at the 6 1/2 week mark. I wonder how long it will take for me to walk or drive again?

Well anyway, back to wedding stuff. I basically took February to get through my ankle stuff. The beginning of Feb I was really busy at work and then with all the pain meds and pain, I haven’t been very productive. It was like having the flu along side break because the perocets make me ill. So now that I only need to take a couple in the evening or at night, I feel pretty OK during the day. So, here I go again! The list of To-Dos is still long and I think I can officially call it CRUNCH TIME! As of today, we are 110 days away which is only 3 months, 2 weeks and 4 days to our wedding day!!!! Invitations are written and just need to be printed, cut out and put together. Then I will send them out the last week of March. Tonight my fiance is at work and I am going to use the evening to update my Wedding To-Do spreadsheet and set up a Action Schedule. Since time is limited at this point, I think it is a good idea to schedule in items to do/book/research.

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