Check! chairs, linens, veil, officiant etc. – wedding planning progress

January 11 2013




CAKE: check!





YESSSS!!!! It’s been a busy week! But very productive. Got a LOT of things done. I so seem to work better under pressure. My fiance and I realised today that we are closer to our wedding (5 months) than we are to our engagement (6 months ago).

So my fiance has his groomsmen and Best Man. We got the news a friend of my future sister-in-law/bridesmaid will help us with guest transportation. Very happy about that!!

I bought my veil and hair accessories online. They are being custom made! 🙂 I hope they will be great! I haven’t gotten them yet. I called Sophies in Kitchener, where I bought my dress, and my dress is expected to be in March 29th. All I need are my wedding shoes and undergarments and I will have all the pieces to try on with my dress!!!

Just today we picked out a cake and sampled a box of cupcakes and I finally got a call back from the group reservations lady at Hampton Inn in Brantford to book a block of hotel rooms. We booked our Officiant but unfortunatly his Mother has recently passed away so I told him we are in no rush to meet. I’ve seen my parents loose a parent each and I know it is so hard. I told him to take his time. He preformed the intimate funeral memorial for my Grandpa this year. He spoke so well, my fiance and I know that day we wanted him to marry us (lol).

What else…..? Oh yeah! 2 BIG items for our reception decor – chairs and speciality overlays. My one big diva thing I HAD to have for my wedding are Chiavari charis!!!!! They are those chairs that look like bamboo but come in gold, silver, white or clear (I got GOLD!!). They are in every wedding in every movie I have seen my entire life and to me, it wouldn’t be my wedding without them! They are THE wedding chair! The other thing is the rosette overlays/skirting. I have been looking for these EVERYWHERE. I have only found 1 place that carries them because they said since they are a new pattern, they are just too expensive to stock. So we had to go all the way to Exeter Ontario to get them! They have a 3D embroidered rosettes al over them. The bridesmaids dresses were chosen to match the linens actually! So beautiful.

Tomorrow is a big day also. It is a big wedding planning day extravaganzzaaaaa organized by my 2 future sisters-in-laws/bridesmaids. Myself, my bridesmaids, Mom and future mother in law are going to Ballets in Kitchener to choose the colour of the bridesmaid dresses and finalize that. Then I am not sure what they have planned. I am a little nervous about picking the colour. I would really love the dresses to be a pale bluey-minty-tealy colour I am in love with but finding it hard to incorporate it in decor items. Most of my maids want pink and I don’t think even the pale pink I would settle for. more of a brighter pink which I don’t think will match the look I am going for. I don’t know. Everyone says just pick the colour I want because its my special day. I just don’t want to tick anyone off or make anyone upset. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.  Also, I know they all wanted me to share a more specific vision of our wedding so we can all be on the same page and they will see what I imagine. I am not the best at explaining things so I actually made a short power point presentation!!! Just some photo collages to show them our colours and the feel for the ceremony and the reception. I think it will be really helpful in allowing me to share my ideas. Very excited!!!

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