I Broke my ankle!! Will I walk down the aisle? – wedding planning progress


doped up on morphine and giving a dorky thumbs up

doped up on morphine and giving a dorky thumbs up


February 15 2013

TURN OF EVENTS……………: check!

I broke my ankle.

Not only did I just break it, I smashed it good. I broke it in 2 places, on each side and misaligned the joint. It’s called an unstable fracture and apparently its the most painful way to break your ankle. Which makes me feel a little less embarrassed about almost fainting from the excruciating pain when they put a stablizing cast on it. I go for emergency surgery tomorrow early AM.

It happened in the morning right after my fiance left to go back up North. He had to go back waaaaaay up North back to the Native reserve he worked at in December, to testify at a trial of a lady he had arrested and charged. So he left the morning of Feb 13 and won’t be back until Feb 15 (yes the trial was Valentine’s day).  He took my car and was planning to leave it parked at his detatchment in Drumbo and I would have his SUV to drive in case it snowed heavy again. So, he left and about 20 minutes later, I was heading out the door myself to go to work. The SUV has an automatic starter so it was already running. I had my work shoes on, ankle boots with a small wedge heel,my purse and my tea in a travel mug. I crossed in front of the SUV to go to the driver side and did not notice that the drainspout, which STUPIDLY drains ONTO the driveway was frozen and had created a giant circle of smooth ice. Then BAM!!!!! I did a brief dance on the ice before my right foot slipped outward and folded in a zigzag under me as my body came crashing down on top of it. WOW was there ever just the most instant intense pain I have ever felt!!!  The first thought that came into my head is take my shoe off immediatly so it doesn’t have to be cut off in case my foot swells because I like these boots! I put it in my purse. My second immediate thought is to set my tea traveller upright so no more tea spills out. I am in crazy pain and I didn’t want my tea to spill!!

So here I am, in agony, sitting on the driveway, one shoe, in front of a running vehicle. Usually, there is always, always at least 1 neighbour out and about on my street. But on this morning, it was completely deserted!! OK, I’m on my own, so I assumed I had just sprained it badly because I have never broken a bone in my life and I could stil move my toes. I sat there and waited for the inital shock to wear off. I was afraid if I couldn’t turn the suv off, it would run until out of gas and that couldn’t be good for the engine. So I called my future mother in law (who lived the closest) on my cell hoping she could come and turn off the suv and help me into the house. No one was home so I tried one of my future sisterinlaw/bridesmaid, who lives close too but she was getting her oil changed in Brantford so she has no vehicle. I then decided I could manage by myself since I beleive I only had a sprain anyway and any minute now the pain would wear off soon. I crawled around to the passenger side of the suv, pulled myself up on one foot and streached across the passenger seat to push the driver break to turn it off. After I did this I collapsed on the driveway again, just in the worst pain. I couldn’t understand why this was hurting so much. I told myself I needed to get a grip becasue at this point I was getting a bit hysterical. Still hoping a neighbour would see me, I crawled accross the driveway towards the front door, dragging my purse with me and had to rest on the front steps due to the pain before moving any further. I was feeling like I may faint from the pain. Finally I managed to drag myself into the house and up the 4 steps into my living room. This is when I knew something was wrong. I called my sister next and luckily she had just finished an exam and was soon on her way to my place to take me to the hospital.

While waiting for my sister to get there, (she was half an hour away) my body started to go into shock. In addition to almost fainting or throwing up from the pain, I started sweating like crazy and felt like my body was on fire. So I tore off my work shirt and sweater. Then I started to get the shakes and cold chills so I tried to put my button up shirt on to warm myself up. So when my sister showed up, I was quite a sight – one shoed, looking disheveled with my shirt on backwards! Hahaha

So we went to Brantford General and got X-rays done to reveal what I had done. They gave me the option of being admitted to the hospital right then and possibilly getting me in for emergency surgery maybe that night, the next morning or possibly as late as Friday (this was a Wednesday). Or the other option was to book the surgery for sure on Saturday and go home to rest and wait. I elected to have it set for Saturday and go home. I was so nauseous and exausted by this time (8 hours at the hospital) I really just wanted to go home. Plus I wanted my fiancé to be there when I had the surgery and he wouldn’t be home until Friday evening, so a Saturday surgery time worked well.

Today is Friday and my fiancé just texted me that he just landed in Thunder Bay. He then will fly to Toronto, then London where he will be driven to his detachment in Drumbo then home to me! Can’t wait!

My Mom was able to take off work Wednesday and has been staying with me and taking great care of me. When you are sick or injured, there is no one who can replace your Mom. 🙂

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7 Responses to I Broke my ankle!! Will I walk down the aisle? – wedding planning progress

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  4. alex21 says:

    Did you take the cast off?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.

    • chelseyp says:

      I had my plaster cast off last week in May and was put into a “walking” cast. My physio theripst said they are good for inital support but they actually prolong the healing process because your ankle joint is held in place and doesn’t allow natural movement. So I only wore it to sleep or sitting. This was the best advice I ever got because I went from plaster cast to walking (SLOOOWLY with a crutch or leaning on someone) by June 22, my wedding day. And got to walk down the aisle with my Dad cast and crutch free. I was still in constant pain afterwards from the hardware but I had that removed Oct 16 2013. I am now pain free and work on my feet 12 hours a day without problem! I do get some swelling still but its still pretty recent. 🙂 In good spirits! Thank you for asking :))

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