Bridal Shower & Taking my first step – wedding planning progress

   46 edit May 25 2013

I have been so freakin’ busy!! I attended a shower in my honour hosted by my bridesmaid and future sister in law at her home for my fiancé’s close side. I learned that his extended family (and there are a LOT of them!) host a group shower for all the realtives getting married each year at their annual family picnic. The picnic will be in August this year and I am looking forward to it! The last couple years my fiance or I couldn’t attend so this will be my first annual family picnic for the P’s and I will be a new P too! Anyways, back to my shower, It was fabulous!!!! It had everything I dreamed a shower would have – pink rosette cake, beautifully decorated heart cookies with our initials on them, great ladies and tiny sandwiches. The sandwiches were even coloured in pale blues, yellows and pinks! A-dorable!!! We chatted and played a game or 2 and had a toast. It was lovely!!!

OK, what else to update? There are so many little things! Mostly I’ve been going hard all day every day on all the little crafts and DIYs that need to be done. My fiance & I had a meeting with the venue coordinator, at the Brantford Country Club and she said my list of “stuff” (all the things that need to be delivered to the venue) is the longest of any bride she has ever had!!! I don’t know if that’s a compliment or a testament to craziness about having the wedding of my dreams? Proooobably mostly column B…….hahaha. Well it’s almost over anyway! 28 days as of today!!! That’s so soon!!! Crunch time is an understatement. There is a lot to coordinate and organize. I don’t know how a non-organized person could manage to pull off their wedding? I consider myself very organized and even I find it very overwhelming. People offer to help but I don’t really know how to have them help. It seems like it would be more work to ask them for help and explain everything than to just do it myself. Plus then I have to remember who I asked for what and then have to followup and remind. I don’t like to do that, it makes me feel like a pesky polly. haha So with a lot of things it is just easier to do myself. I am still off work because I can’t drive and am just learning how to walk, but I am feeling good these days. I get a lot done now that I can hobble here and there and get things for myself.

Ankle update!!! On May 9th, I took my first steps for the second time in my life!! Now up to this point, I hadn’t physically been able to take a step without using my crutches to hold some of the weight. Not for lack of trying thought! But I was having a lot of pain and was pushing my ankle a little too much. Normally, at 3 months after the accident and surgery, it was not expected I would not have the ankle or leg strength back yet to be able to step unassisted. But I had been going to physio twice a week and I did all the exercises and more all day every day. I told my body to strengthen up because I have a deadline I am working with! Not only am I going to walk smoothly for the wedding, I don’t want to take my aircast or be on crutches at the beach on our honeymoon. Not very glamorous!! So back to the wonderful morning of May 9th: I had gotten up in the morning as usual, using my crutches to walk a little. Went downstairs (my fiance was sleeping becuase he had come home from a night shift) and I realized there was a noticeable absence of pain. Usually there is a constant deep ache and when I try to step unassisted the pain is too great or my leg will start to shake or bend. This morning, that ache was almost gone. So I dropped a crutch and took a step with just one. I started getting really excited because I realized that that wasn’t that bad! So I dropped my other one and before I could be afraid of the expected pain, I took a step. I stepped. and I was OK. I instantly burst into happy tears. I couldn’t believe it!! I took another step. Then another! The joy I felt at that moment and the pride I felt in myself is indescribable!!!!!! Everyone I run into who tells me they broke their ankle once too, says I will never be the say, I will never be rid of the pain, I will never wear heels again etc etc etc They usually follow this my telling me they didn’t do physio and/or didn’t put in the work and time and effort to work it back all day every day. I didn’t ever really believe I wouldn’t walk again, but hearing all that negativite still gets in your mind. Even my physiotherapists were warning me that due to the extent of my serious injury, it will be a toss up if I will be able to walk by the wedding, even hobbling. Well I just used all these naw-sayers as motivation. Also, I wear heels everyday and I LOVE my mile high heels, I WILL wear them again!! So when I took these first steps, it was like I was proving everyone wrong who ever doubted that I would make my goal. And because my first step was so early, it has given me lots of time before the wedding to improve and learn to walk and stretch and strengthan my atrophied calf and thigh. It is not 28 days before the wedding and I can fit into my running shoe (not any other shoe yet but working on that) and I can walk (very, very slowly) around without crutches at home and even to run short errands (with my fiance, I still can’t drive). I have blown the minds of those at physio when I show them what I can do from our last appointment. Its like a snowball now. I can see and feel changes for the better every day. Once and a while I feel like I get a setback when I overdo it a bit and it swells up huge and I have to take it easy for a day or two. I hate to take it easy! My will wants to power through the pain and discomfort and my logic forces me to let it rest every so often.  I even walked a couple houses up and down my hill 2 days in a row!! I paid for that though, with a swollen and painful joint for 2 days after that. But I am feeling good today and will attempt it again later on and will maybe even get close to the top of the hill!

Back to wedding stuff. Off to go craft/type/print/fold/cut/paint/organize my heart out now!!


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