bachlorette/bachlor parties & the day before the wedding – wedding planning progress

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June 20 2013

WEDDING BANDS: my fiancé, check! Chelsey, not yet!

So wow, today is the day before the day before our wedding. I can’t believe it!!! We got our wedding bands the day before yesterday. My fiancé’s band is great but mine was the wrong karet and too big (it was a size 4 when I need a size 3.5, baby fingers haha). I took it back to our jewellers and they immediatly sent it back and ordered the right one. It will be here the day before the wedding, Friday June21st, afternoon! Gulp!! Finger’s crossed!!

First a recap! Last Saturday, June 15th, was my bachlorette night out. It was a lot of fun!! We got a big white limo and ended up at 3 bars plus a McDonalds haha My sister did a fantastic job arranging it for me!!! She had tons of “bachlorette themed” decorations and games and loooottss of food. It was a blast! I will forever have my made up song “Nandor” stuck in my head!! (We stopped at McDonalds between bars and the manager gave me a free cheeseburger. I was so happy I made up a song with his name, Nandor and starting singing it in the restaurant! His name sounded like the name of a mountain to me! haha He appreciated it!) Between the limo, the before & after pics, the drag queen, the gay bar sandwich dance off, the cage dancing, the ravers, Nandor song and my giant Bride of Frankinstein veil, I would say we had an amazing time!!!

I don’t recall writing about my fiancé’s bachlor weekend, so I’ll say a few words about that. My fiancé and a bunch of his friends went up to his friend’s grandfather’s cottage for the weekend June 8th & 9th. The drank a lot of beer, played yard games and at a lot of meat! My fiancé slept out on the bench of the pontoon boat one night. He said it was great to sleep in the open air…….right up to the point in the morning when he was surrounded by a swarm of mosquitos in the early morning! He came home with a little trophy for winning all the yard games and a little tiara which he wore all weekend! haha

So here I am today, sitting in our living room amongst a million and one wedding items. We have to deliver the reception decor to the venue today and about half is packed up. It still looks like our wedding has thrown up all over our house though!! Projects are almost finished, items are almost all packed. We both have to run last minute errands today so I have to wrap up this entry. I think this may be my last entry actually! I don’t know if I will be able to write an entry the morning of the wedding. I hope to. I would really like to but logistically I know I will be very busy. We’ll see. We worked hard on this wedding and I literally lost my mind tying everything together and making everything myself. It was a big bite to break off, but we DID IT!! If I this is my actual last entry before we get married, well then HAPPY WEDDING FUTURE CHELSEY & fiancé! Haha Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! xoxo

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