Bridal shower & final checklist – wedding planning progress


wedding crafts EVERYWHERE!

wedding crafts EVERYWHERE!

June 6 2013


I cannot BELIEVE our wedding day is so close. Its a day I’ve been dreaming about, stressing over, planning about, stressing over, working hard on, stressing out and loosing sleep over (both from stress and excitement!). It was like it was this mythical day that I was planning for but I never expected it to actually make it here, to the present! Well I guess its not THE present yet, as of today we are at the 16 day mark. 16 days!!! Thats only 2 weeks plus 2 days!! AAAAKK! About ever since I started to walk, I have felt much calmer. Not being about to freely move around my house to get things for myself played a huge role in lack of wedding activities and crafts. But it it almost here and I am almost done! Great feeling!

My family’s Shower!! What a great day that was! It was hosted by my mom and sister at my parent’s house on June 2. When I walked in, they had my sister’s dress form set up with a white tablecloth dress, including pleating and everything, to be used for the bows. It was suprisingly intricate! Only got pricked about 50 times. haha My sister had gotten a cake made in the shape of a corset and she even remembered that vanilla was my fav. We had games and prizes and white sangria! The white sangria was quite a hit, even I had some (I am not a sweet or fruity drink person but it was goooooood!). So blessed to have such wonderful family. Even my Dad helped by getting out of the house hahaha (He went golfing with my fiance) 🙂


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