2 week mark, overcoming major hurdles – wedding planning progress

June 8 2013


Screenshot: 2 WEEKS!!! We. Are. Getting. Married. In T-W-O  W-E-E-K-S!!!!!!!! This is crazy! My 4th bridesmaid from BC will be here next week and this is my last week to get things done! The bridesmaids are getting their dresses fitted tomorrow (except my BC friend, she will get it done here when she comes the week before the wedding). I have seen pictures of the dresses and they look FABULOUS!! And the colour is amazing!! I am really glad I went it with “waterdance”!

So tomorrow is going to be a very important day. A week ago my fiance and I went out to the farm to discover that the field we were planning to get married in had been turned over and planted with corn instead of grass! It was certainly a shock and upsetting. But there is nothing we can do at this point so we have to figure out what to do now. We thought, OK, lets do it in the barn then. We scoped it out and it was looking like the barn would not only work, but would make for a unique and beautiful location. We went ahead and ordered chairs (the original plan was to use straw bails as seats). But I had a bit of a panic attack a couple days ago because it suddenly hit me that……….I don’t think my dress will actually FIT into the barn! I bought my dress thinking I had a wide open space and a very long aisle. I fell in love with this dress because it has such a beautiful train that really makes an impact. To go with my dress, I got the veil of my DREAMS – which just so happens to be 12ft long. So, I was always dreaming of walking down a long and wide aisle with my veil and train flowing behind me. Now, if we have it in the barn, I don’t think I will be able to fit with all the guests in there and I am scared like crazy thinking about my dress and veil snagging and catching and maybe even tearing on every splinter or nail in the barn. Tomorrow I am having a pow wow with my bridesmaids at the farm to figure out how we can make everything work and do it without any wardrobe malfunctions!!! So it is 2 weeks before the wedding and I don’t know where I will be walking down to meet my fiance at the alter. This is unbelievably stressful. I am trying to stay calm and focus on the million other tasks I have to get done. I know my bridesmaids/future sistersinlaws will have good ideas to help sort this out – one of them used to live in the farmhouse and the other lives there now. So they know the property inside and out! I measured string the length of my veil and my train and we’re going to do some practice runs. I know somehow it will work out the way it was ment to be in the end. I just hate path we have to take to get there, my fiancé and I have found this going on a lot with the wedding. Things and plans can’t just work out the way they are supposed to. There always had to be some major problem or issue that pops up that we need to overcome. We do overcome and many examples it has actually worked out for the better.

Major hurdles were:

1. Our photographer: we had one booked within the first month of being engaged. She had beautiful photos but as I got further into the planning process, I realized her style of photos was not the look I wanted. We lost our deposit and we were 3 months away from the wedding with no photographer. But then my sister suggested a photog that did her friend’s wedding. We met with her and instantly clicked. I love love loved her style and she was willing to accommodate. We had our engagement photos with her about a week ago (May 31st 2013) and they were phenomenal. We were really happy with them and I don’t think they could have turned out any better! So it worked out in the end but it was a scary and bumpy ride to get there!

2. My ankle – Breaking my ankle in February reeeeeeeeally threw a wrench into our plans. One major stresser is that I couldn’t work. I have a small disability income but it is about 1/10 of what my expected income was going to be and we were counting on that to help pay for the wedding. So the financial strain was a big problem. The larger problem was having to go through surgery and the intense recovery process. I really, really did a number on my ankle. It wasn’t just a routine (double) fracture it was an unstable fracture, torn ligament and misaligned joint. I have never gone through pain like that ever and never ever want to go through it again. I had problems with the casts crushing my foot, weird and constant sensations that my foot is being twisted backwards, nerve damage in my big toe that feels like a burning metal rod (still dealing with that one) and to top it all off, I was having a bad reaction to the pain drugs. They made me feel like I had the flu. But choosing between intense pain and twisting sensations, I would choose the flu every time. Anyway, enough about the bad – the light at the end of the tunnel was that after I got over the worst part of the recovery, I decided to be thankful for the time off work and to make the best use of it. I found out some other health issues I was having was 100% related to work stress and was able to get rid of those problems. Even though that is temporary, I will go back to work pretty soon, at least I am aware of how the stress was affecting me and I now have more tools to deal with it. As stressed as I am with wedding things, I actually feel the most relaxed I have felt in a long time overall. I feel good. I enjoy being at home and being able to get the rest I need and to relax. I think this is the break I needed to recharge and I think it will be a blessing to our marriage and to my health to have learned to better control my stress. So again, something awful turning into something wonderful!

3. The planned area on the farm being planted with corn and finding out 3 weeks before the wedding. I don’t know how this ends yet but I have faith it will work out better than I can imagine and wherever on the farm we have it, we will wonder why we didn’t do that in the first place. I am sure of it!

Examples of minor hurdles –

4. Ordering personalized ribbon with the wrong year (June 22nd 2012 instead of 2013) You would think someone fulfilling the order would notice the are making ribbon from the past……..but oh well! I reorderd one with the correct year.

4. I ordered a huge order of wedding paper so I could make the invitations and other stationary in the wrong color. I accidently ordered “gold foil” instead of “gold”. This actually worked out because I have twice as much paper to work. I like both colours and have incorporated them both into the wedding.

5. I had ordered submersible vase lights for the centerpieces from a company that only ships to the US. I had it shipped to my fiancé’s brother’s house (who lives in Ohio). He brought the package up when he came for a visit. Turns out instead of stand alone submersible vase lights, they sent hanging non-submersible tree lights. Could not get more opposite! They were more than willing to accept the return and send the correct ones, but they couldn’t receive them mailed from Canada. They had to be mailing within the US. It was really lucky that my fiancé was going for a brother’s weekend down in Ohio soon. So myself and the customer service lady, who was really nice about everything, timed it just right that the replacement lights would make it to my fiancé’s brother’s house just before my fiancé’s visit. And my fiancé would bring the incorrect lights back and get the return label and ship them back from Ohio. Thank goodness this worked out and I got my lights.


So these are just a few of the bumps in the road we have had to overcome. There are many more but I just can’t type them all! I am going to go to bed and try to get a good nights sleep by not thinking about the ceremony experiment tomorrow. I am going to just hold onto the faith that it will work out for the better. And in the end, I still get to marry my fiancé anyway. 🙂

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