DIY Water Garden! Easier than you think

diy water gardenAdding a water garden feature to your patio makes a great conversation piece and you get to enjoy the soothing sounds of water all summer long! Feng shui says that adding flowing water in front of a door invites an influx of money into your life. Cha-ching!! This water garden will pay for itself! 😉

Get This:
10 gallon flower pot (without drainage holes)
cordless drill and drill bit
a couple large bricks
fountain pump
floating water plants
tall potted water plant
perfect spot on the patio near an outlet for the pump

Do This:
1. Rinse the pot thoroughly to remove any manufacture dust.
2. Drill holes near the top of the pot so it doesn’t overflow when it water garden
3. Fill with water. The pot will be too heavy to move once it’s full so make sure when you fill it, it’s in the right spot
4. Place bricks in the pot. These are to prop up the potted plant and the pump so they’re at the surface.

  diy water garden water garden diy water garden
5. Let the pump run in the water for a couple days before adding any plants to distill the waterdiy water garden
6. Add the plants. For the best visual, add one or 2 tall plants in the back and add short floater plants in the front. When selecting plants, remember that they will grow fast so don’t buy a large plant. For your floater plants, only buy 2. They multiply quickly and if you have too many they will clog your pump. I made the mistake last year by buying too many at first and I was having to thin out and throw out a lot of them. They will grow to fit your pot.

diy water garden diy water garden

Get This:
There you have it! Beautiful!! Add some floating candles for extra romance 🙂

diy water garden

This is my water garden from last year. You can see how they plants grow to fit the pot and will quickly hide the pump cord.

diy water garden

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