The Secret to the Easiest Garlic Peel

The secret to the easiest garlic peel is about to be revealed!
(You may exhale now as I assume you were holding your breath in sheer anticipation)

1. Cut root off garlic clove. That’s the flat hard thingy at the bottom of the clove. The opposite end to the pointed thingy. Step 1 garlic peeling

2. Smash once and hard with anything that has a flat bottom and whatever is in arm’s reach. In the photo I used my dried chilli spice container. You can use anything with a flat bottom surface like a glass, a jar or your forehead if your having that kinda day…Step 2 garlic peeling

3. Clove will look like this – split in the middle with the skin already falling off like a sexy garlic skin peep show.Step 3 garlic peeling

4. Bam! There you go! Easy-peezy lemon-squeeze!Step 4 garlic peeling

~ with love, Chelsey P

About Chelsey Pear

Chelsey Pear Charm Jewelry Co. Founder & Designer
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