Ahhh! The opening post!

Just Married!

Just Married!

Oh, oh hi there! I didn’t hear you come in. This is the grand ol’ opening post! I love seeing the black type begin to sprawl across the page….almost as good as scratching your name in pen on paper on the first day of school. Almost. (I have a thing for a good ink pen….nothing sexier than a good ink pen….)

Here’s the scoop – I got engaged, planned the hell outta my wedding, lost my mind along the way and here I am today – 17 days into marriage. That picture is of myself and my husband of about 6 seconds at that point. (If you are wondering why he is cut out of the picture, read about it here. )

I still haven’t really figured out how I survived the wedding. I literally handcrafted the entire wedding myself. Not to toot my own horn buuuuut I consider myself a bit of a crafty-cathy. *toot* Now that the wedding is over, I am really looking forward to sharing all my wedding DIYs, home improvement DIYs and how to cook some healthy bangin’ ass meals!

In addition to being a crafty-cathy, I also consider myself a bit of a Mini-Martha. *toot toot*  I look forward to feedback and answering your Q’s, sharing great ideas via DIY video tutorials, picture how-to’s and easy healthy recipes for you and your fam-jam to enjoy!

~ with love, Chelsey P

First post: naaaailed it!

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